Happy Pongal Decoration Pack 1


Celebrate the festive spirit with our Happy Pongal Banner (1 Pack of 75 pcs) decorative theme set. Adorned with vibrant butterfly frills, mini kalash frills, and happy Pongal hanging kite, this set brings joy and elegance to your celebrations. Complete the look with our mega kite frill curtains and balloons.


This set includes:

Happy Pongal Banner – 1 pcs
Butterfly Frill – 04 pcs
Mini Kalash Frill – 04 pcs
Happy Pongal Hanging – 10 pcs
Kite Hanging – 10 pcs
Mega Kite Frill – 04 pcs
Curtain – 2 pcs
Balloon – 40 pcs

Happy Pongal Festival
Happy Pongal Decoration Pack 1


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