Gold Birthday Decoration Kit 2


Gold Birthday Decoration Kit: Create a memorable birthday celebration with our Gold Birthday Decoration Kit 2. This set includes a stunning Gold Balloon Foil Banner, Silver Foil Curtain, Metallic Balloons in gold and black, Pastel Balloons in yellow and white, Birthday Paper Gold Crowns, Party Props, and a Gold Cake Topper.


This set includes:

Birthday Gold Balloon Foil Banner – 1 pcs
Silver Foil Curtain – 2 pcs
Gold Metallic Balloons – 20 pcs
Black Metallic Balloons – 20 pcs
Yellow Pastel Balloons – 20 pcs
White Pastel Balloons – 20 pcs
Birthday Paper Gold Crown – 10 pcs
Birthday Party Props – 10 pcs
Birthday Gold Cake Topper – 1 pcs

Gold Birthday Decoration Kit
Gold Birthday Decoration Kit 2


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