Happy Lohri Hanging (1 Pack of 10 pcs)


Light up your Lohri night with our Happy Lohri Hanging Decorative Theme Set, a collection of 10 distinct pieces that weave tradition into celebration. Each hanging is a visual symphony, featuring traditional symbols and modern aesthetics. Hang them with ease to transform any space into a lively Lohri haven. This unique ensemble adds an artistic touch, infusing your festivities with a sense of cultural richness and joy. Elevate your Lohri experience with this carefully curated set, creating lasting memories with every glance.



Size: 16*17.5 cm
Material: Paper
Color: As per designing
Quality: premium paper
Pack contain: 1 Pack of 10 PCS
Price: 99 Per Pack

Happy Lohri Hanging
Happy Lohri Hanging (1 Pack of 10 pcs)


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